AI Audio player for Windows OS

…In action

An audio player that incorporates a model to separate stems on realtime.

Second version of this player. A player for Windows OS that divides the music into 4 tracks: Vocals, drums, bass, and other.

The player allows almost realtime control of some elements of the mix (the 4 tracks mentioned above). The main idea is to to avoid the processing stage, just press play and start remixing at your will. No having to submit, or wait for a filtering process to finish.

This comes handy for people who want to jam/sing along their favorite songs, or just listen to particular details.

Right now it doesn’t come with an installer, just zip file that can be uncompressed anywhere. Please leave your feedback at the blog.

Click here to Download

Some notes:

  • Runs only on MS Windows.
  • The UI is pretty simple at the moment.
  • Requires .NET core 6.0. (The app will install it for you if missing)
  • Audio files need to be present on your computer for the software to play them.