My name is Gabriel Fernandez, I’m a programmer from Asunción, Paraguay. Started programming when I was 11 with QBASIC, and kept going. Right now I’m still on Windows so mainly use the .NET framework.

I started creating music applications starting with some guitar/midi stuff back in 2003. I developed a number of audio and music software over the years that you can find at the parent site http://www.gfsoftware.com. One audio application that I’m proud off is called Easy audio mixer, a multitrack editor/recorder with VST plugin support, video support, designed to support a big number of tracks.

I love classic rock, can play guitar, some bass and basic piano. When studying sound tech (I don’t know name in English, a 4 year degree on music/audio recording), I learned the standard music theory, acoustic concepts, which I applied to my software.

I also worked as a studio/live sound operator for five years, when soundboards weren’t digital (except for the big brands, I think the Yamaha LS-9 was the cheapest at that time). Most of the studio time was at “Planetario studios”, under the direction of Fran Villalba, a movie composer. I still work sporadically at Planetario.

Currently, my main work is as a SLP, which I studied some years after finishing my audio related studies.

When ChatGPT became famous, I started looking for audio solutions using AI models. Found a lot of cool stuff and started learning how to train some models.

You can send me an email at: support@gfsoftware.com

Fighting with a cable at the studio a couple of years back.